Preparation Phase – Primed AP

Preparation Phase Primed-AP Methodology

This is the initial phase of an analytics project that focuses on partnering with the business to determine what is to be accomplished.  Analytics projects should be based on a particular goal whose outcomes can be acted upon to improve the business.  The preparation phase Primed-AP has tasks for both business users and data scientist.


Business Users – Problem Statement

  • Define the business problem that you want to better understand
  • How will you track Experimental and Control group to track the impact of the analytics
  • Establish the current Churn Rate baseline
  • Define the parameters of the project
  • Line of Business, Product, Segmentation
  • Amount of time to spend on the problem
  • Determine where model output will be used in operations

Data Scientists – Questions

  • How will you use the output from the model?
  • What prior analysis has been done?
  • What has been done successfully to reduce churn in the past?
Primed-AP Preparation Phase